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Why is this the best review site you may ask? Simply because we feel that most reviews done out there are either too long, too short, and worse still, it make me feel like as if it is written by journalist and not by somebody who truly understands hardware. Reviewmakers specialize just on reviews, and it is our goal to just be a master at that so that you get the best and most accurate review possible every time. We provide digital camera reviews and news, a forum community, digital camera price comparisons, deals and coupons on digital cameras and accessories.

Home for the best unbiased reviews of computers, computer hardware, digital cameras, cell phones, and more. The top five finalists in the categories for best laptop, desktop, monitor, gaming laptop and gaming desktop have been decided. Now it is time to vote for who you feel is the best in each category.

Our digital camcorder reviews include prices, technical specifications, strengths, weaknesses and a summary at the end of each camcorder review. Browse Categories: Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Computers, Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Drives, PDA's, Consumer Electronics.

Like any other truly informative website, this site started off as a dream and as a passion. A passion of separating out the truth and the hypes behind all the latest tech gadgets we have in the computer world today. And a dream too, that this site will be world renown for the in-depth analysis in all reviews.

Besides writing reviews, which we are truly proud of, we also hope that through this site, a culture of sharing knowledge of tech and computer hardware and software will surface among the readers themselves. We want readers to have a site which they too could contribute their own reviews and seeing it publish right here at Reviewmakers.

We can never cover all the products possible, but with a culture of sharing knowledge through user reviews, we hope this would be the most complete review website ever.

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Last but not least, Reviewmakers is also about recognising the hard work that every great manufacturer and designer put in to give us the consumer the best possible product ever. Here you can find news on the upcoming products as well as who is hot and who is not in this industry.

This is a dream made for you and me and while you are here, we hope you like the reviews and do participate in the forums and let us know if there is any area we could possibly improve. Enjoy!



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