Monthly Archive: September 2017

SEO Companies?

SEO companies often talk about how important local SEO is to the vitality of online businesses, but most average people have no idea what they are talking about. This website designer knows this too! For someone who is just starting their business, and working towards building their online presence, all aspects of SEO seem daunting. When an SEO company uses the words “local business”, they don’t mean the local corner shop where everyone knows who you are as soon as you walk through the door. Local business refers to searches that are conducted for specific geographic locations so that people can find businesses that are close to their homes. Wal-Mart is a huge corporation, and they are located in thousands of locations across the United States. Searching to find the specific store that is closest to your home is a perfect example of local SEO at work.

Traditional vs. Local SEO Techniques

Search marketing providers look at what their client is trying to accomplish before they put together a strategic SEO plan. SEO professionals traditionally rely on practices that focus on rank placement, by optimizing content that will get their clients noticed by the Google algorithm for having original content. The algorithm weighs multiple factors that include social indicators and incoming links. Local search SEO practices are geared more towards optimizing your website with local keywords. Local search is mainly about utilizing social networks wisely, optimizing your website for local search and mobile users, and to spread the word so that people start noticing and talking about your website. Optimizing for mobile users is the most critical thing that business owners can do because most local searches are conducted by mobile users. Your efforts will be wasted if you do not optimize for mobile users.

Why Local SEO is Critical for the Success of Your Business

Local SEO is important because you will never have an advantage over your competitors if you do not optimize locally. Every time a prospective customer chooses your competitors, rather than your business for their products and services, money is just going down the drain. The fact of the matter is that more people around the world have smartphones than people that have toothbrushes. While that may seem unbelievable, it’s true according to statistics. Smartphones are already the dominant way that people access the internet, and they will be the wave of the future as well. With millions of mobile users worldwide that rely on local searches to find products or services near to their homes, businesses can’t afford not to have a solid local SEO campaign. Any reputable full-service SEO company will have the capabilities to produce an exceptional local SEO campaign that will bring high traffic numbers that businesses want and need. They will even be able to maintain the local campaign so that business owners can concentrate on their customers, and not how they get traffic through local searches. In the United States alone, more than 50% of phone users have smartphones. Being one of the largest economies in the world, businesses must have local SEO optimization to succeed.

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