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The State of Online Marketing for Search Engine Marketers

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Online marketing is the best way to generate business these days. In this android era the potential customers are always floating in the virtual world rather than actual world. To hook these customers some basic online methods, search engine optimisation (referred to as SEO) is used. Search Domination, a leading digital marketing agency based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, believes that digital marketing is one of the best ways for the growth of any kind of business. Here are some techniques used by leading digital marketing service providers.

Defining a Keyword Strategy

Keyword phrases play a critical role when it comes to someone searching for relevant information and eventually ending up on your website as a result of a site search. Knowing what your keyword phrases are is much more involved than what most people would think, but it is very important to know that one of the first steps in any SEO campaign is identifying your targeted keyword phrases. The phrases searched by customers to find anything are known as keywords or keyword phrases. You can have short tail and long tail keywords.  For example, suppose you are a grocery store in Caloundra, the most common search phrase will be ‘grocery store Caloundra’. But because there are a number of other stores in Caloundra; here the keyword strategy comes into play where it is critical that your website comes up before any other shop. The main goal is to find the keywords which have greater volume of monthly traffic and low competition. There are free tools like Google’s keyword planner which you can use to find your targeted keywords.

Optimising your Website to Increase your Online Presence

After defining your targeted keyword phrases it is very important to optimise the targeted pages of your website for such terms. The term optimisation means to create a website, or website pages, which will be in the top search engine results when your targeted keyword phrase is searched by internet users. To achieve this it is very important to scatter the keyword phrases, and related keywords, adequately throughout the website’s content and meta data which will include your URL, tag lines, page titles, body text, and video titles etc. When a query is then entered into a site search the optimisation of your targeted keywords throughout your website will help to get your website in the top of the search results which will increase the likelihood of a boost in sales due to the larger amounts of traffic coming you your site.

Creating a Blog and Content Marketing

It is very important to generate fresh content. Creating and posting regular blog posts or articles is a form of content marketing.  The content should be informative, engaging and contribute to the promotion of your products and services. The content should always create some value to the reader and provide them with some general and brief idea about the services and products so that the reader becomes interested. The freshness of the content along with uniqueness is very important.

Promoting your Content through Social Media

Social media is also a great platform for promotion. People are constantly engaging with each other online through a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. These social media channels help to connect with a large number of people and allow interaction with clients and also delivering and tailoring the message to hook customers. Social media is a very effective online marketing strategy.

Turning Leads into Conversions

It is very important to get leads. Once leads are coming into your business you can create and apply a sales funnel structure to hook the customers by making them sign up for a free newsletter, downloading a free e-book or have them purchase a product or service. Lead generation is a critical component of the overall online marketing process. The landing page, which forms part of the sales funnel, should be properly optimised, user friendly and should immediately grab the attention of the user. By increasing the value of each step in the sales funnel you will increase the chances of a customer purchasing a product or service from you.  The use of concise and strong calls to action should be used throughout the sales funnel process.